Our Team

Robert S. "Chip" Hart IIIRobert S. “Chip” Hart III

Although Chip has been with Hart Productions since 1978, as with all family-run businesses, the company has been a second home to him since he was born (heck, you could even find him being bounced around as a toddler at the first boat show). Ever since those early days, Chip has been an avid employee of the family business. You name it, he’s done it: running around as a messenger boy, loading and unloading equipment on the docks, selling exhibit space and sponsorships, managing shows and more.

Today, the “buck” stops with him as the CEO. With challenges and successes along the way, the shows have grown better and better under his leadership, with the current group of shows being the best of the best. Chip manages the Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show®; Cincinnati Hunting & Fishing Show® and the Enquirer Media & Cars.com Cincinnati Auto Expo.


Victoria HartVictoria Hart

Vicki is the CFO and coincidentally reports to no one – not even husband and CEO Chip. A resourceful woman accepting nothing less than perfection with Hart Productions’ stable of shows, she successfully helps guide the company through the unique and exciting challenges and successes of the consumer trade show industry.

Vicki, who has been with Hart Productions since 1997, manages the The Cincinnati Golf Show®, Cincinnati Home & Garden Show®, The Garden MarketSM, Greater Cincinnati Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling ShowSM and Greater Cincinnati Holiday MarketSM.


Kathleen ReynoldsKathleen Reynolds

Production Assistant: Greater Cincinnati Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling ShowSM, Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show® and the Garden MarketSM.



Trisha MarshallTrisha Marshall

Production Assistant: Greater Cincinnati Holiday MarketSM and the Cincy Specialty Food & Treats ShowSM.

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