Hart Productions Consulting

Your Experts in Producing Successful Events—from Concept to Execution

As one of the nation’s leaders in large-scale show production for60+ years, we understand firsthand the unique and demanding aspects of developing, producing and sustaining quality shows and events. From creating new shows to enhancing the viability and profitability of an existing show … from building vendor relations and sales to simply working with venue management, event production comes with a myriad of complex challenges that can be overwhelming if you’re not properly equipped.

Hands-on perspective in this industry is rare, and ours is vast. Are you looking to maximize your show’s revenue? Improve efficiency? Enhance the experience? Grow attendance? Or are you considering whether your existing show is prime for selling? We can help answer all these questions and work alongside you to build strategy, execution and even transition plans that set you up for success.

Our extensive personal and profitable experiences, in both the short- and long-term, could be an invaluable asset to your business path and future.  

A consult is only a call away. We are eager to hear how we can support your needs. Confidentiality agreements are readily available. Timetables are at your discretion.  

Chip Hart | 513.310.4923 | chip@hartproductions.com

Vicki Hart | 513.313.2228 | vicki@hartproductions.com

Our Proven History of Success

  • Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show – owned and operated from 1958–2019
  • Cincinnati Home & Garden Show – owned and operated from 1969–2017
  • Cincinnati Auto Expo – management contract from 1988–2016
  • Dayton Auto Expo – management contract 1991–2012
  • Cincinnati Golf Show – owned and operated from 1996–2019
  • Cincinnati Holiday Market – owned and operated from 2001–2019
  • Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo – owned and operated from 2015–2017

Our Story

Hart Productions produced many of the area’s best and most popular consumer trade shows and events—from the Travel, Sports & Boat Show to the Home & Garden Show to Holiday Market and more. Most of these shows were wholly owned; others were on long-term contracts as events we managed. At its peak, from the 1980s into the 2000s, Hart had more than 2,000 client vendor exhibitors working across 60 show days a year. Hart Productions began the process of transitioning ownership of its asset shows to other production companies in 2010, and began consulting full-time upon the sale of its final show in 2020.